WordPress Site Maintenance

If your WordPress site needs consistent monitoring, backup, updating, and troubleshooting, email manon@manonetc.com. We will contact you regarding your project.

What Constitutes Site Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Includes

  • Full server backups
  • Security checks
  • Control panel, server, and domain password updates (recommended for continued security assurance)
  • Requested text and image content additions, deletions, and revisions
  • Programming updates; includes removing deprecated coding, and adding updated coding
  • Website core system and extensible plugin upgrades
  • Troubleshooting, including website downtime, security hacks, website extensibility issues, etc.

Routine Maintenance Does NOT Include

  • Website redesign, including changing any design elements
  • Logo creation
  • Advanced SEO services
  • New website installations, including subdomains
  • New functionality
  • 3rd-party extensible plugin installations
  • Tutorials/education
  • Domain registration, web host account, and email host account setups, SSL installation, website and email migrations, content archiving
  • If you need any of the above, email manon@manonetc.com for more information.

If you need information on other than the above, check out the FAQ page, or email manon@manonetc.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.