WordPress Rehabilitation Services

If your WordPress site is having performance issues, including non-functioning features, or needs essential functions, including security and/or backup, email manon@manonetc.com. We will contact you regarding your project.

The Importance of Site Rehabilitation

Site Audit

An assessment of your website is required to determine issues, and to provide the best solutions, related to speed, performance, and security.

Theme Installation

A theme that is poorly coded, or with too many unnecessary built-in features can contribute to a slow, unreliable, and in some cases, broken site. Choosing a lightweight, reliable theme will insure your site works as intended.

**This order only for light customization for already installed WordPress sites: color and typography changes. Excludes extended website redesign, i.e., restructured layout, new feature installations, websites not installed as of yet, etc. For extensive re-designs, email manon@manonetc.com.

Plugin Installation

Plugins that haven’t been updated, are poorly coded, or unstable will contribute to poor performance. Researching and installing more reliable plugins contributes to better performance.

***This order excludes plugins for cache, CDN, security, backup, and image optimization

CDN/Cache Setup

A CDN stores files on multiple servers around the world, which allows visitors to access content from the closest server.

Cache stores a snapshot of your website so future requests for data can be served faster.

Having both CDN and cache integrated into your site can considerably speed up your site’s load time.

Image Optimization

Optimized images render faster on the screen, and use less bandwidth — giving you considerable savings in web host costs.

Database Optimization

All of a website’s data is stored in the database. This includes plugin detritus, orphaned tags, spam, trackbacks, pingbacks, post revisions, post drafts, and trashed posts, which are the main causes of bloat. Cleaning up the database will improve site performance.

Email Migration

It’s now recommended that emails should be hosted separately from site servers, as web hosts are not naturally optimized to deal with emails. Emails can also use up precious storage and bandwidth. Email providers such as Google’s “G Suite,” or Microsoft’s “Office 365” are highly regarded for hosting emails.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is designed to provice secure passage of information from one computer to another to a destination server via encryption. This allows sensitive information to be sent across the Internet safely into the hands of its intended recipient.

Basically, acquiring an SSL Certificate allows users to access your site via the HTTPS protocol rather than the unsafe and unprotected HTTP protocol.

Browsers are now marking sites as unsafe if they cannot be accesssed via the HTTPS protocol, and will advise users to navigate away from the site before serving the site’s content.

Security Setup

Because of the content management system’s popularity, WordPress sites are a favorite target for hackers. So security is one of the most important components of your installation.

By installing preventive measures, you are ensuring the safety of not only you, but your users – making sure viruses, malware, bad bots do not infect your site in the first place.

Hardening your site against hackers also becomes cost-preventive as attacks on your site are attacks that compromise your server’s traffic, leading to higher bandwidth, which leads to higher web hosting costs.

When selecting a security setup, your website’s protection becomes our priority.

Web Host Migration

Poor customer service, slow site, constant downtime, prohibitive costs, or needing more functionality may signal that it’s time to change your hosting provider, which can improve site performance.

Content Archiving

There comes a time when having thousands of posts can put severe stress on your database and your web host’s servers. One solution is to archive content without deleting them. It’s recommended to archive outdated posts for better site performance, and for better SEO as search engines rank sites with fresh content much higher. Sites that have stale content are in danger of having a lower SEO ranking.


An absolutely necessary feature for any site, whether they’re WordPress sites, or a basic static page, is having a backup system in place.

In case your website becomes corrupted, accidentally erased, or goes down from forces beyond your control, backups are essential in recovery, preventing your website from being lost forever.

If you need information on other than the above, check out the FAQ page, or email manon@manonetc.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.