Band’s New Far-Out Imagining

Blueberry Re-Branding






Brand ID | Digital

Blueberry, a band collective, needed a website re-design, including a new logo, that harkened to their soulful, wondrous Woodstock roots.

Before Re-Branding

Brand ID

  • Brandmark

With its talented female founder as inspiration, a new logo to reflect the band’s groovy, Art Nouveau, fairytale aesthetic.

  • Colorspace

blue, purple, pink, yellow spectrum


  • Website Design
  • Website Installation
  • Content Management System (CMS) – content updated by client

A new psychedelic design using the brand’s colorspace and blueberry motif to maximalist extremes; includes rendering the new design concept to a wall frieze by Art Nouveau artist Hans Eduard von Berlepsch, and making it the site’s background.

I am convinced that Manon is a technical AND artistic GENIUS! She is quick, intuitive, thorough, understanding of current web needs and ALSO client needs. All this and her stylistic eye is beyond outstanding. She is a master of both form and function. I am also convinced that working with Manon effects one’s business immediately; bringing in positive attention and business from all over the world. She is a wonder – a world class web designer. THANK YOU MANON!

XO Blueberry